Express Home Care

Express Home Care started in 2020. Our founder, a primary caregiver of 12 years, saw the opportunity to meet great people who take care of the sick and the great need for compassionate and reliable caregivers. Her experience made her see the need for people who can help relieve the stress of caring for a loved one or someone who lives alone but needs help with activities of daily living. That inspired the start of our service, with the aim of helping people in our community live comfortable lives by providing caring and reliable assistance.

Driven by our passion for serving, we at Express Home Care continue to reach out to families in Dallas, Texas, who seek a helping hand in caring for a loved one with difficulties in day-to-day living. Through our caregivers, we do the best we can to assist our clients with daily tasks in the comfort of their homes, ensure they feel understood, and help them live the life they want, despite their conditions and limitations.

Our Commitment Our Mission Statement

We commit to delivering quality and reliable care to our clients and assisting people in our community who need help in their daily living, including families and other primary carers.

woman serving tea to senior woman
woman hugging senior woman

Our Goals Our Vision Statement

To become the top home healthcare provider in Minnesota, reach more people who need our services, and provide everyone with the care they require. To help improve the lives of our clients dealing with the difficulties of day-to-day living.