Delivering Quality Care to Your Homes

We at Express Home Care provide care for individuals from ages 5 years to 100+ years who need assistance with activities of daily living due to surgery, acute or chronic illness, or mental and physical disability. We assist our clients in various household and personal tasks such as bathing and grooming, meal preparation, assistance with appointments, and other daily chores.

We prioritize our client’s safety by ensuring their homes stay clean and away from risks such as falling or slipping. Our caregivers are ready to assist according to how long you need it and will ensure to deliver care to you as soon as you reach out to us.

woman assists elderly woman in bathing
Assistance withBathing

Helping you with grooming and personal care

woman helped elderly woman in cooking

Ensuring healthy meals for you

woman doing laundry

Assisting you with light housekeeping

woman cleaning the glass

Helping you maintain a clean home

caregiver with patient walking
Grocery Shopping

Assisting you with errands

woman touches the shoulder of elderly woman while smiling

Ensuring you have someone to look after you

woman holding the hands of elderly woman
Companion Services

We will accompany you anywhere, anytime

woman giving medicine to elderly man
Medication Reminder Services

We’ll ensure you take your medication properly

woman and elderly woman smiling at each other
Accompaniment to Medical Appointments

We’ll assist you with your regular checkups and hospital visits